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In our Premier Rug Cleaning Care Spa, your rugs are treated to a luxurious cleansing that gently removes the imbedded soils, brings the colors back to life and restores the soft textures you remember from when they were new. We also offer FREE pick-up & delivery and providing rug cleaning & restoration in Chicago metro area. When you need rug cleaning and repair in Chicago and its suburbs, look no farther than Premier Carpet Service!

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How Is My Rug Cleaned?

Each time you will have our rug cleaning service you will be positively surprised by the quality job and professionalism of our technicians.

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Rug Serging

Serging is the process of sewing yarn to the edges of rug or carpet in order to make it an area rug.

Color Restoration

When your beautiful rug has been discolored by the sun, pet urine, or spills, you can trust our experts to restore your rug to its original glory.

Rug Binding

Binding can treat the edges of custom rugs/carpets with several attractive options, one of them is binding.